Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Secret of Chidambaram and Healing Pillows

The program included tours of several temples.  These temples built thousands of years ago are created to hold and transfer energy through the very materials from which they are built. 
One evening we arrived at one of the most revered temples in India called Chidambaram.  We were told that the center sanctum held an ancient secret.  We were encouraged to look for what is really there with all our senses, because what is really there is formless.  

It was impossible to see through by the crowds of people packed in the center sanctum as the curtain opened.  I decided that since this secret was formless, I asked it to be shown to me with a sense other than my eyes.  At that very moment, someone grabbed me by my neck and pulled me through the crowd to the back wall.  My feet fused to the floor and I felt the molding of the wall wrap around the base of my spine as if it were fitting into a puzzle.  A strong, hot energy ran through my body like a fire hose.  I knew that the walls and floor were giving me an energy blessing called a darshan.  

I finally felt ready to focus on the design of the scarf that started this chain of events.  I brought several designs to the production team I've worked with for several years, but instead of printing scarves, they printed pillows.  Every design, one way or another transformed itself into a pillow.

Exactly one year after returning from India, it was revealed that for thousands of years the Siddhas would transfer healing energy to a person through a pillow.  Somehow, the energy that passed through my body at Chidambaram was encouraging me to create healing pillows. 

This entire collection of artwork is a reflection of my personal journey through art and healing.  It is with tremendous joy that I share my interpretation of spirit with you.  May you enjoy this artwork with innocent curiosity and bliss.

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