Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healing Environments: The Call That Changed My Life

It was the one phone call that changed my life.  I called an ad for the National Symposium on Healthcare Design in a trade publication and was given the opportunity to replace a designer who had an emergency. 

 My simple curiosity about healthcare design took me straight into the executive boardroom with all the brilliant minds at the forefront of creating healing environments.  The groundwork for what is now called "evidence based design" was underway.

An invitation came to tour the first hospital to merge holistic and traditional medicine in Hawaii.  The hospital looked more like a resort and felt like a home.  They had studies that showed how artwork was more than decoration.  It had a unique power to heal people.

I was encourage to study Feng Shui and ultimately met a Master who was also a physicist.  Fully versed in quantum physics she required classes in energy healing as a prerequisite before studying Feng Shui.  She insisted that her students recognize the invisible forces in energy fields that shape matter.

 At this point I was designing facilities for a national orthopedic group who specialized in prosthetic devices.  I  loved how well my clients responded to the new interiors, but something else started to emerge.  I became friends with amputees and started using my training in energy healing to help their phantom pain.

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