Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vision From an Angel: The World Tree

"Do not be late!" ran through my head as a shot rang out in my bedroom.  I gathered my composure and drove to my first meeting with Dr. Jeanette Magdalene, deciding to investigate the gun shot when I returned.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, "I have a very important vision for you to paint".  She described the world tree, it's importance in the cosmos and how the root system ties into the planetary grid.  

As she spoke I realized that I had my own experience with such a sacred tree in India, called a banyan tree.  It's been described as a hub of energetic interchange with the cosmic energy.  

I came home to find a silver ball sitting in a conspicuous place on my floor.  Picking it up I noticed a heart beat and a message to put the ball in a blue bag and hang it over the area where I will paint the world tree.  A blue bag appeared in my closet.  

I felt completely guided by the energy of this silver ball as I painted every day and night for 2 months.  It felt like the silver ball was painting through my hands.

One night I heard a voice say "take my picture".  I reviewed the images in my camera and noticed the distinct face of a Swami, turban and all.  From that point forward, I could see his image directly in the silver ball and heard his guidance strongly.  

It soon became apparent that Divine energies were painting a message through Dr. Magdalene's vision.  Fully detailed images of Dieties started emerging from the background as if they painted themselves.  I could feel a tremendous love trying to reach the planet.  

The painting was in my car after I took it to be blessed at the Vedic Temple in Los Angeles, during a festival called Guru Purnima.  A strong voice told me to deliver the painting that evening without exception.  Exhausted, I called a meeting with Dr. Magdalene and drove to San Diego.  

With tears in her eyes, Dr. Magdalene revealed that she was given this vision by an angel exactly on the day of Guru Purnima in Hawaii several years ago.  After returning to her room, an angel appeared and sat with her for 4 days and nights straight.  With very little food, water and no sleep, the angel made sure that she was given a full vision of the true connection the world tree has with earth and how we are all interconnected.  

Dr. Magdalene is a gifted visionary and founder of Aware4life.com.  She has been guided to teach and show others what Divine love looks like, sounds like and feels like.  She currently tours around the world with this message and this painting of the "World Tree".  

A reproduction of this painting is now available printed on copper.  The transmission of this vision is intensely expressed through the image and the healing properties of copper. 

The Secret of Chidambaram and Healing Pillows

The program included tours of several temples.  These temples built thousands of years ago are created to hold and transfer energy through the very materials from which they are built. 
One evening we arrived at one of the most revered temples in India called Chidambaram.  We were told that the center sanctum held an ancient secret.  We were encouraged to look for what is really there with all our senses, because what is really there is formless.  

It was impossible to see through by the crowds of people packed in the center sanctum as the curtain opened.  I decided that since this secret was formless, I asked it to be shown to me with a sense other than my eyes.  At that very moment, someone grabbed me by my neck and pulled me through the crowd to the back wall.  My feet fused to the floor and I felt the molding of the wall wrap around the base of my spine as if it were fitting into a puzzle.  A strong, hot energy ran through my body like a fire hose.  I knew that the walls and floor were giving me an energy blessing called a darshan.  

I finally felt ready to focus on the design of the scarf that started this chain of events.  I brought several designs to the production team I've worked with for several years, but instead of printing scarves, they printed pillows.  Every design, one way or another transformed itself into a pillow.

Exactly one year after returning from India, it was revealed that for thousands of years the Siddhas would transfer healing energy to a person through a pillow.  Somehow, the energy that passed through my body at Chidambaram was encouraging me to create healing pillows. 

This entire collection of artwork is a reflection of my personal journey through art and healing.  It is with tremendous joy that I share my interpretation of spirit with you.  May you enjoy this artwork with innocent curiosity and bliss.

A Profound Request: Healing Energy in a Scarf

I was showing my energy artwork at a meditation group when a woman approached me with a profound request.  She asked me to design a scarf with an energy that would shield and protect her grandson as he was deployed to Iraq.   Her request brought me to my knees and I prayed to be shown how to authentically create such a design.  It felt like the floor opened up beneath me and by time I realized what I had asked for, I was in India.

A rare incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda mysteriously heard my request as I found myself in his three month program designed to awaken our inner potential.  The ability to transfer energy through material is a science in India and I was systematically  introduced to both the mystical and practical aspects of these traditions.

Lessons from Amputees: Energy and Healing

It was the path I didn't expect to take, but the prerequisites for the Feng Shui classes were in clairvoyant energy healing.  I was convinced that Feng Shui could could create healing environments, so I opened myself to the field of energy healing.

I became friends with amputees in my days of designing facilities for orthopedic groups.  With curiosity and conviction we explored the use of energy healing to alleviate phantom pain.  In almost every case, there appeared to be a configuration of energy that not only held in pain, it held an impression of the trauma.

Phantom pain itself tells a story of energy fields.  Every amputee that I know has the sense of where the missing body is and the sensation of feelings in the phantom limb.  It made sense that energy healing could affect pain in an area where the physical body part was missing. 
One of my dearest and most supportive friends is a scientist, artist, tap dancer and amputee.  He is dedicated to his community and helping other amputees find their spark in life by tap dancing in VA hospitals.  He encouraged me to find a way to share this healing energy with the veterans.
I was inspired to express healing energy through artwork.  There was an art critique at the local art museum, so I created a painting and drove it to the museum while it was still wet.  As I dropped my son off at a friend's house, a Reiki master blessed the painting and seconds later the neighbor came out and bought it.  I shipped it to Hawii the next day.

The story buzzed through the art museum and I was offered a gallery space to do an art show.  I only had one painting and had just sold it.  It was my tap dancing friend who encouraged me to say yes and create a show of healing artwork.   So inspired, in less than two weeks I filled the gallery walls and cleared the path for my unique style of sharing healing energy. 

Healing Environments: The Call That Changed My Life

It was the one phone call that changed my life.  I called an ad for the National Symposium on Healthcare Design in a trade publication and was given the opportunity to replace a designer who had an emergency. 

 My simple curiosity about healthcare design took me straight into the executive boardroom with all the brilliant minds at the forefront of creating healing environments.  The groundwork for what is now called "evidence based design" was underway.

An invitation came to tour the first hospital to merge holistic and traditional medicine in Hawaii.  The hospital looked more like a resort and felt like a home.  They had studies that showed how artwork was more than decoration.  It had a unique power to heal people.

I was encourage to study Feng Shui and ultimately met a Master who was also a physicist.  Fully versed in quantum physics she required classes in energy healing as a prerequisite before studying Feng Shui.  She insisted that her students recognize the invisible forces in energy fields that shape matter.

 At this point I was designing facilities for a national orthopedic group who specialized in prosthetic devices.  I  loved how well my clients responded to the new interiors, but something else started to emerge.  I became friends with amputees and started using my training in energy healing to help their phantom pain.