Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lessons from Amputees: Energy and Healing

It was the path I didn't expect to take, but the prerequisites for the Feng Shui classes were in clairvoyant energy healing.  I was convinced that Feng Shui could could create healing environments, so I opened myself to the field of energy healing.

I became friends with amputees in my days of designing facilities for orthopedic groups.  With curiosity and conviction we explored the use of energy healing to alleviate phantom pain.  In almost every case, there appeared to be a configuration of energy that not only held in pain, it held an impression of the trauma.

Phantom pain itself tells a story of energy fields.  Every amputee that I know has the sense of where the missing body is and the sensation of feelings in the phantom limb.  It made sense that energy healing could affect pain in an area where the physical body part was missing. 
One of my dearest and most supportive friends is a scientist, artist, tap dancer and amputee.  He is dedicated to his community and helping other amputees find their spark in life by tap dancing in VA hospitals.  He encouraged me to find a way to share this healing energy with the veterans.
I was inspired to express healing energy through artwork.  There was an art critique at the local art museum, so I created a painting and drove it to the museum while it was still wet.  As I dropped my son off at a friend's house, a Reiki master blessed the painting and seconds later the neighbor came out and bought it.  I shipped it to Hawii the next day.

The story buzzed through the art museum and I was offered a gallery space to do an art show.  I only had one painting and had just sold it.  It was my tap dancing friend who encouraged me to say yes and create a show of healing artwork.   So inspired, in less than two weeks I filled the gallery walls and cleared the path for my unique style of sharing healing energy. 

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